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UK / International Exhibitor    Established Kennel    UK / International Judge


We have owned, exhibited and bred Australia Terriers (Aussies) for nearly 40 years  –  giving us a wealth of experience and knowledge about this wonderful breed.

From the first moment we met the Aussie, we knew this fun loving, personality packed and responsive breed was perfect for us.

As Aussies are so versatile, we have tried many different activities with them.   From Agility to Dogs Showing and Scentwork and the list goes on.   Our challenge is to find out what these dogs cannot do !

In the show world, we have enjoyed gaining Champions in 5 different countries, as well as International Champion Titles.

Scentwork is our new activity and we are delighted with our successes.   Currently we have the highest qualified Aussie in the UK.

When not demonstrating just how talented the Aussie is at so many things, our dogs enjoy being part of the family.   Travelling far and wide, enjoying walks on the common, or in the Surrey Hills and being great companions.&nb  Aussies suit all lifestyles and truly are the ‘Dog World’s best kept Secret’.

If you are thinking an Aussie is perfect for you  –  then please do 'CONTACT US'.

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