belyndi australian terriers surrey

Fr Ch Melukylän Passi-on for Belyndi Bel Jnr Ch (imp Fin)  -  our latest Champion  -  also won CACs in Belgium and Monaco and Best of Breed in France during 2016

belyndi australian terriers surrey

Multi Ch Farfadet du pre des Valois avec Belyndi (imp Fr)  -  although lightly shown in 2016, he gained Best of Breed at every Show and been in Group final selections

belyndi australian terriers show champion

Awarding Best of Breed at the Heteren Show in the Netherlands

Show World



UK / International Exhibitor    Established Kennel    UK / International Judge


Since 1981, the Belyndi Team of Australian Terriers have been shown in the UK, USA and mainland Europe at some of the world’s most prestigious shows.   As our Aussies stay with us for life, the active show Team is always small, but has achieved some memorable successes over the years.

Currently, we have 4 International Champions, 2 Multi Champions a new French Champion and a Junior Belgian Champion at home.

As we can’t keep all our pups, we are thrilled to see other Belyndi owners winning in the ring. Be it a 1st prize or RCCs, CCs, a Champion, a Best in Show, a group win or helping a Junior handler win at the top level.

We have had the honour to judge in the USA, UK and mainland Europe. The latest being in the Netherlands.

Belyndi Aussies have founded new Kennels and contributed to other Kennel breeding programmes. It is always a pleasure to see the latest generation carrying our lines make their debut in the ring.

To follow Team Belyndi at the shows,  click on our BELYNDI AUSSIES blog link below where all the latest photos and information is posted.